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How to Read Guitar Tabs – Foundation Tutorial

how to read guitar tabs

If you’re interested in learning to play an instrument but don’t have a lot of time to put into it, guitar might be for you. Picking up a new instrument can require hours of studying sheet music. Learning the notes, playing scales, and becoming familiar with the instrument. With guitar, all you have to do […]

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How to Strum A Guitar – ABC of Guitar Struming

How to Strum A Guitar

Strumming a guitar is one of the most difficult parts of learning the to play the guitar. It can take a lot of practice. And while you might want to dive into playing “Stairway to Heaven”,it is much more important to know how to strum a guitar perfectly. Because it seems more exciting, it’s still […]

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How to Hold a Guitar Pick- Guitar Picks 101

How to Hold a Guitar Pick

Whether you’re just starting out learning the guitar, or playing for years, learning how to hold a guitar pick, or plectrum, is one of the most, if not the most, important thing to learn. Learning just to hold it the right way can be tricky for some, whether a complete beginner, or a long time […]

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How To String A Guitar – Newbie Friendly Guide

How To String A Guitar

A guitar is a common musical instrument that has six string. It is played by strumming or plucking the strings with your hands or a pick. A guitar is usually made of wood and has either metal or nylon strings.It is a basil skill you should know how to string a guitar.This is a simple […]

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How much does it cost to ship a guitar?

How much does it cost to ship a guitar

The joy of online shopping for a guitar is that the cost is extremely favorable as compared to your local store. And this gives you the advantage of choosing even better guitars both in terms of hardware and electronics. Online stores also tend to have a wide range of brands that are up to speed […]

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Acoustic vs Electric Guitar – A Wise Debate

acoustic vs electric guitar

The acoustic vs electric guitar debate is still thriving within the community of guitar players. Many of them are interested in being able to play each type of guitar in order to have a really expansive range. Other people are more interested in prioritizing, and they are going to want to try to find the […]

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What is a Metronome? 5 Best Metronomes For Guitar

What is a Metronome

When you learn how to play a new instrument, such as a guitar, you have to learn how to time yourself with knowing how many beats are in a measure. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced player metronomes are a must have to play efficiently. It never hurts to have tools to help […]

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What Is A Tube Amp? Common Tube Amp Brands

what is a tube amp

There are a myriad of amplifiers out there these days and they seem to do everything under the sun. It is complex even for those of us who have been using them for a while, for a beginner or someone just venturing into the world of guitar amplification it can be downright intimidating. You hear […]

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What Is Guitar Volume Pedal? Best Guitar Volume Pedal Review

guitar volume pedal

Modern guitar playing is very much depended of different types of gadget. Now a days most of the guitarist use tremolo pedal, octave pedal & many more to sharpen & credible their creation. Guitar volume pedal is another addition to their list of gadgets.What is a Guitar Volume PedalA Guitar volume pedal is a device […]

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