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How To Choose A Beginner Guitar For Kids?

guitar for kids

You may pick a guitar for kids when you want them to learn to play, and you must use this process to select the proper instrument. Many kids are excited to get to play, and they will have quite a few chances to play when they know what they are doing. This article explains how […]

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7 Best Acoustic Guitar Brands Loved by Famous Guitarist

Are you new to playing the acoustic guitar? I would like to know if you are interested. Or have you started playing your first notes? Maybe you are a more experienced player switching over from electric or some other type? I want to help you find the best acoustic guitar brands. And see which one […]

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Orange OR15 Review – Features,Pros & Cons

Orange OR15 Review

Orange OR15 is a guitar amp head that is gaining traction among musicians everywhere. I’m a musician who has a passion for playing live and for writing my own songs. I enjoy using this amp head when I practice. Users can alternate between 15 and 7 class A tube tone watts. This amp head weighs […]

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P Bass vs J Bass – Anatomy of P/J Bass

p bass vs j bass

Many beginning and more skilled string musicians across the world are in search for the perfect guitar. Guitar players know this guitar to be as either precision base or jazz bass guitars. The features of the two are similar, however very different as well. They have been around less than a century, but they already […]

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E Flat Tuning – Traditional Approach & Pro Guitar Tuning

E Flat Tuning

Retuning a standard six-string acoustic guitar is simple. This tuning technique is used most often to accommodate the vocal ranges of singers who sing in a lower tessitura. Or range, than other singers. The construction of acoustic guitars is versatile in that they allow adequate resonance in systems that are not optimal for their construction. […]

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What is a Baritone Guitar ?Best Baritone Guitars In The Market

baritone guitars

Baritone guitars were introduced in the 1950’s. They were mainly used as background music, for movies and especially videos and westerns. During this era, they are best known in the heavy metal and folk and rock world of music. Many famous musicians, such as the Evers, the Beach Boys, Motely Crue, Tacoma, and Glen Campbell […]

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How to Read Guitar Tabs – Foundation Tutorial

how to read guitar tabs

If you’re interested in learning to play an instrument but don’t have a lot of time to put into it, guitar might be for you. Picking up a new instrument can require hours of studying sheet music. Learning the notes, playing scales, and becoming familiar with the instrument. With guitar, all you have to do […]

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How to Strum A Guitar – ABC of Guitar Struming

How to Strum A Guitar

Strumming a guitar is one of the most difficult parts of learning the to play the guitar. It can take a lot of practice. And while you might want to dive into playing “Stairway to Heaven”,it is much more important to know how to strum a guitar perfectly. Because it seems more exciting, it’s still […]

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How to Hold a Guitar Pick- Guitar Picks 101

How to Hold a Guitar Pick

Whether you’re just starting out learning the guitar, or playing for years, learning how to hold a guitar pick, or plectrum, is one of the most, if not the most, important thing to learn. Learning just to hold it the right way can be tricky for some, whether a complete beginner, or a long time […]

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How To String A Guitar – Newbie Friendly Guide

How To String A Guitar

A guitar is a common musical instrument that has six string. It is played by strumming or plucking the strings with your hands or a pick. A guitar is usually made of wood and has either metal or nylon strings.It is a basil skill you should know how to string a guitar.This is a simple […]

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